Nox-eating paint and air quality sensors at Elephant & Castle

In partnership with ICRI and King's College, the Future Cities Catapult is adding six new sensors to its network of demonstrator sites and is also testing an innovative paint that could help clean London's air.

We think this is the first experiment of its kind in an external environment. By measuring Nitrogen Dioxide pollutants it will be possible to assess the effectiveness of special photocatalytic paint applied to the surfaces in the area.

If the tests indicate a substantial reduction in pollutants it could unlock the possibility that surfaces across the city could help to clean London's air.

In addition to measurement by the London Air Quality Network, the six new sensors join a larger network of sensors deployed in the Sensing Cities network, which is growing in reach across London, and increasingly beyond. Do get in touch if you want to know more - and enjoy the short film we've made about the project:

Nox-eating paint and air quality sensors at Elephant & Castle from Future Cities Catapult on Vimeo. Filmmaker: David Jones for Future Cities Catapult.